We have a team specialized in Labour law and Social Security.

ANTEO ETL GLOBAL has a team specialized in Labour law and Social Security that offers to all its clients the best legal solutions to their specific problems, as well as an excellent service that guarantees total satisfaction.

Adequate labour counselling is an indispensable element for the efficient management of human capital in the company, thus ensuring social peace and greatly reducing conflict.

Our professionals will assist you to plan the most optimal strategy in line with the volume of your workforce and provide guidance on how to deal with problems.

Catalog of services

  • Labour counselling
  • Labour contracts. Special employment relationships
  • Company restructuring
  • Contracts, subcontracts and secondment of workers
  • Expatriates
  • Amendments of working conditions
  • Flexible remuneration plans
  • Equality plans and salary audits
  • Labour due diligence
  • Labour inspections
  • Labour legal defence
Ángel Santos

Ángel Santos


Tax advisors and business consulting


We are a highly qualified group of professionals, lawyers and economists, with extensive experience in providing advice to meet the particular and specific needs of each client. All our professionals meet all the necessary conditions to provide an optimal legal and tax service to any company.

In this case, Ángel Santos has a wide experience in labour law. He is a specialist in advising on the correct management of human capital or in planning the most appropriate strategy for your company.


Frecuently questions

What can I do if my company is unable to maintain jobs once the restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic are lifted?

The current labour regulations include certain measures to address business crisis situations, such as the possibility of withdrawing from the remuneration conditions set on collective agreements, the possibility of reducing the salaries of the workforce, the possibility of resorting to a Record of Temporary Employment Regulation (known in Spanish as “ERTE”)or, as the last resort, the possibility of a collective dismissal.
Until 31th May 2021, article 2 Royal Decree- Law 9/2020, 27th March, prevents the justification of dismissals for reasons deriving from the pandemic. Notwithstanding, our labour team will analyse each specific case and offer you the most appropriate solution.

What do I have to do to comply with the equality plans in the company?

In March 2019, Royal Decree- Law 6/2019, 1st March, on urgent measures to guarantee equal treatment and opportunities between men and women in employment and occupation, came into force. This provision obliges companies to negotiate an equality plan on the following dates:

  • From 7th March 2020 all companies with more than 150 employees will be required to have it
  • From 7th March 2021 all companies between 100 and 150 employees will be required to have it.
  • From 7th March 2022 all companies between 50 and 100 employees will be required to have it.

In the case that your company has a workforce covered under the requirement to have an equality plan, you must carry out negotiations with the workers’ representatives or with an ad-hoc committee chosen by and from among the workforce.

Companies that are not obliged to negotiate an equality plan must still comply with and respect general equality measures, such as equal remuneration through wage registration or the rights related to the reconciliation of family life and work.

What can I do if an employee constantly breaches the instructions or shows a sheer lack of diligence in the work?

Breaches of contract by the employees are subject to sanctions up to and including disciplinary dismissal, if the nature of the breach can be qualified as very serious.

The judicial success in validating a dismissal depends on the essential factors, the strength of the termination notice and the evidence in Court of the alleged facts.

Failure to comply with the formal and substantive requirements will inevitably lead to a conviction for the company which, in some instances, could have been avoided.

Our professionals will guide you in planning the planning, gathering all the necessary evidence and building a strong termination notice that will make it difficult to challenge in Court.

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